Some examples of successful cooperation between innovative start-ups and SAN:

Roger Meier
Roger MeierCEO Roomz
«The network and the competence of the StartAngels Network (SAN) were decisive for our A-round financing. The lead investors as well as other investors in this round come from the network. Since then, StartAngels have been accompanying us competently and professionally.»
Stefan Tuchschmid
Stefan TuchschmidCEO VirtaMed
«With the help of the StartAngels we have started our continued journey to shape medical education and to improve patient care through better training. And with the board members of the StartAngels we had gardeners on our Board who were patient when time was needed, but also guiding and pruning when our branches were growing in too many directions. The result is a bountiful harvest, hopefully for many years to come. We could not have wished for better investors!»
Philippe Hügli
Philippe HügliCEO hystrix medical
«In preparation for our second round of financing, the SAN provided us with an internal godfather who had prepared us ideally for all the requirements for a successful financing. This resulted in a valuable board member and a very accessible and committed investor community. We greatly appreciate the professional and regular exchange with our investors from the SAN. A real enrichment for young companies!»


Companies from the SAN portfolio:

Diviac Travel
now trading as PADI Travel, is the “booking.com” of scuba diving – the most advanced and the largest online platform for divers to research and book their scuba diving holidays. Diviac also offers a cloud-based logbook, which is a sports activity tracking app for scuba divers with social community elements. Diviac was acquired by PADI, the world’s largest scuba diving training agency, in November 2017.

specializes in the development and manufacture of high-end biometric identification products, with a particular focus on fingerprint recognition. Under the BioKey® brand IDENCOM offers stand-alone biometric access products and OEM products which our clients can easily integrate into security systems, access control monitors and numerous switch circuits using various interfaces.

vision is to become a leading provider of technology and services in the field of protein interaction analysis based on mass spectrometry.

is specialized on glycoengineering technologies to develop novel and efficient glycoconjugate vaccines at low production costs. The main focus of Malcisbo’s platform is on bacterial diseases targeting animal health, human food safety and zoonotic diseases.

Snowcookie Sports
develops the future of Connected Alpine Sports. We build wearable hardware and software which objectively analyses skiing technique and provides actionable guidance on how to improve.

has developed a purely biological treatment of manure, simply turning it into water. The treated water is ideal for irrigation, addressing the increasing water scarcity for agricultural usage while solving the global manure problem.

solves the clinical problem of post-surgical complications in implantable medical devices.

develops disruptive medical devices based on proprietary blood flow velocity sensing technology.

builds the future of human-machine interaction, through secure AI text predictions.

Peripal AG
pursues its vision to allow more patients to be treated at home and to reduce treatment costs in healthcare systems that are under cost pressure. The company’s first product PeriSafe® is for home dialysis and is used by patients across Europe.

ActLight SA
The low power and small size light sensors that enhance the performance of 3D sensing in smartphones and vital signs monitoring in wearable devices.

credentis ag
Biomedical products for tooth preservation.

Léman Micro Devices
LMD has the only sensor that makes cuff-less and calibration-free measurements of blood pressure that can be built into a Smartphone.

BC Platforms
BC Platforms is a leading genomic and clinical data management company in Healthcare and Life Science.

Advanced Osteotomy Tools AG is a Swiss MedTech company in the field of robotic surgery, located in the City of Basel. AOT envisions to improve overall outcomes of osteotomies by offering complete & digital surgical solutions with “cold” laser technology.

Attolight SA
Defect inspection solutions for advanced semiconductors.

ROOMZ is helping companies to better manage their workspaces.


The VRfree® glove is the only controller that offers its own full 3D mobile hand- and finger tracking.

Creoptix is revolutionizing the study of label-free molecular interactions and changing the world of drug discovery.