The Network


SAN – capital and experience meet innovation and talent!


The StartAngels Network (SAN) is a non-profit organization that facilitates contact between Swiss start-ups and experienced investors.
SAN identifies, advises and supports start-ups with financing needs. SAN investors work with selected start-ups with outstanding business ideas and above-average market potential.
With its diversified and broad experience SAN provides capital, expertise, board members and helpful contacts. Interested members are trained as lead investors.

Typical Investments

We are looking for companies that are in an early phase and have a high growth potential. These companies come from various industries with a focus on e.g. MedTech, ICT, CleanTech, Instruments, Micro- and Nanotechnology and are based in Switzerland. After successful completion of the investment process, StartAngels participate individually with an investment of CHF 50 – 200k. The total amount of an investment round is typically CHF 0.5 to 3 million.

Good entry opportunity for new business angels

Are you interested in investing experience and money in start-ups yourself? By becoming a member of SAN, co-investment together with an experienced StartAngel as lead investor is an attractive opportunity for you to become involved as a business angel. Please contact us!

Board of Directors

Our Management Board is composed of the following persons:

Norbert Zeller, President
Peter H. Müller, Vice-President
Marc Bär
Martin Burkhardt
Dr. Friedrich G. Hoepfner
Thomas Kunz
Dr. Erich Platzer
Dr. Gisela Reichmuth


The StartAngels Network is an association with about 85 members and is constantly expanding. Our members are active in various functions and industries and have a large network of contacts. The StartAngels members have extensive experience with start-up investments.


To optimize the deal flow, the StartAngels Network cooperates with swiss startup invest, venture, sictic, venturelab, ETH transfer, EPFL and other exponents of the Swiss start-up scene. SAN often cooperates with co-investors such as ZKB, investiere, Zühlke Ventures, Fongit, etc.

Christian Kupper
Christian KupperMember
StartAngels Network is one of the pioneers in the field of start-up financing. Our established processes and standards are the result of years of experience and numerous investment rounds and are constantly evolving.
We accompany the companies we finance over many years and development phases. On the one hand, I appreciate the exchange with other investors – each with their own personal wealth of experience and skills – and on the other hand, I appreciate the exciting cooperation with innovative, lateral-thinking, dynamic company founders.

Philip Bodmer
Philip BodmerInvestor, Business Angel of the Year 2017 (SECA)
StartAngels Network offers its members the opportunity to meet pre-selected high potential technology start-ups. The structured investment process creates added value for all StartAngel investors. This proven investment process supports especially investors with less start-up experience in the decision making process and in going through the whole investment process. In addition, StartAngels Network is an excellent platform for dialogue and exchange of experience among investors.

Dr. Silvio Bonaccio
Dr. Silvio BonaccioHead of ETH transfer
Up to 30 top-class spin-offs are spun out of ETH Zurich every year. Especially in the early stages, these high-tech companies need both financial support and a strong network, especially with seasoned entrepreneurs who can help them with advice and support. The StartAngels Network offers both, and much more, and thus makes a very important contribution to the implementation of research results into innovative products and services in Switzerland. That is why we also support this cooperation.