Project submission


Start-up companies seeking capital should meet the following criteria:

  • Companies in Switzerland
  • Strong growth potential
  • Protection through patents or know-how is advantageous
  • Entrepreneurial team considers the coaching of StartAngels as enrichment
  • Team of entrepreneurs has a proven track record
  • Exit strategy is planned
  • Valuation idea agrees with risk/return expectations
  • Total investment amounts to CHF 0.5-3 million.

Application documents

The application takes the form of a fact sheet and a Lean Innovation Canvas (ideally 1 page, maximum 2 pages). Correctly completed fact sheets and canvas are a prerequisite for starting the investment process. There are no fees for start-ups.

Please download the templates for Company FactSheet and LeanCanvas(This Tool is also suitable for the creation of the canvas.)

Submit project to the following address: submitproject (at)

Please attach Fact Sheet and Canvas (as PDFs) and note:

  1. Adjust file name to:
    CompanyNameSANFactSheetYYYYMM and
  2. Confirm that you will participate in the event, if you are selected (you will find the date in the footer).
  3. Further “non disclosed” information (e.g. pitch deck) is an advantage.

Next Steps

The further procedure depends on the procedure described in the investment process.